Department of Landscape Architecture


Photo by Steve Verlander

Established in 1933, the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida offers the only professionally-accredited Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program in the State of Florida. It is also home to the State’s oldest graduate Landscape Architecture program, offering both an accredited Masters and a Ph.D. concentration in landscape architecture.


The mission of the Department of Landscape Architecture is to advance the ethical, creative, and skillful application of the art and the science of planning and designing urban, rural and natural environments. The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program focuses on establishing a core set of environmental and human values by developing critical thinking skills through the application of appropriate landscape design and planning practices. Additionally, the Master of Landscape Architecture seeks excellence through professional practice and service, and research and scholarly pursuits.


Faculty research interests cover a wide spectrum of practice, theory and methods with topics focusing on areas that include land use and conservation planning, cultural landscapes, green urban environments, community advocacy and development and sustainable design practices.

Curriculum Options

Curriculum options include an eight month, professional-practice internship, focused electives for individual specialization and interdisciplinary certificates in Sustainability, Historic Preservation, Geographic Information Systems, and Wetlands Sciences. Study abroad opportunities include faculty-led summer programs in places as varied as Indonesia, Brazil, Nantucket, Mexico and China.

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Tina Gurucharri
Department Chair