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The Department of Landscape Architecture:
The faculty of the UF Department of Landscape Architecture trains practitioners and scholars who are committed to advancing the efficacy, impact, and knowledge of our discipline.

Our research enhances the understanding and practice of the profession and addresses societal challenges. Our work serves the diverse communities of the state, region, and abroad.

Academic Programs

A STEM-Designated Program

Mission & Vision

We are dedicated to inspiring students and transforming lives through the stewardship, planning, and design of our natural and built environment. Building upon the traditions of landscape architecture, we explore innovative and impactful solutions to produce a more sustainable, healthy, and just world for all. 


The following values serve as a guide for our work in the Department of Landscape Architecture: 

  • Fostering curiosity and exploration 
  • Cultivating inclusion and respect 
  • Serving local and global communities 
  • Ensuring sustainable and equitable environments
  • Leading the future of landscape architecture practice and innovation


The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) and the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) programs are accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB). The BLA program has been continuously accredited since 1972 and the MLA program since 1993. The 2022 LAAB site visit resulted in a two-year accreditation for both programs.


Scholarships & Awards

Contact Us

Dr. Jules Bruck

Director, School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture


Dan Manley

Instructional Associate Professor
Undergraduate Coordinator


Alpa Nawre

Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator


Yi Luo

Ph.D. Coordinator


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