Faculty research interests cover a wide spectrum of practice, theory and methods with topics focusing on areas that include land use and conservation planning, cultural landscapes, green urban environments, community advocacy and development and sustainable design practices.

Department Chair
Dr. Jules Bruck, PLA
Office: 431A ARCH
Contact: jbruck@ufl.edu
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Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator
Dan Manley, PLA
Instructional Assistant Professor
Office: 431E ARCH
Contact: dpmanley@ufl.edu
Dr. Thomas Hoctor
Research Associate Professor
Director of the Center for Landscape Conservation Planning
Office: 436 ARCH
Contact: tomh@geoplan.ufl.edu
Dr. Jiayang Li
Assistant Professor
Office: 456 ARCH
Contact: jiayangli@ufl.edu
Alpa Nawre, PLA
Associate Professor
Office: 442 ARCH
Contact: alpa.nawre@ufl.edu
Michael Volk
Research Associate Professor
Office: 438 ARCH
Contact: mikevolk@ufl.edu
Dr. Gail Hansen
Adjunct Professor
Contact: ghansen@ufl.edu
Daniel Farrah
Adjunct Professor
Contact: dfarrah@ufl.edu
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Departmental Ph.D. Coordinator
Dr. Yi Luo, PLA
Assistant Professor
Office: 432 ARCH
Contact: yi.luo@ufl.edu
Andrea Galinski
Research Scholar
Office: 461 ARCH
Contact: andrea.galinski@ufl.edu
Huiqing Kuang, PLA
Instructional Assistant Professor
Office: 430 ARCH
Contact: hkuang@ufl.edu
Dr. Timothy Murtha
Office: 456 ARCH
Contact: tmurtha@ufl.edu
Kevin Thompson
Associate Professor
Office: 460 ARCH
Contact: gday@ufl.edu
Belinda Nettles
Adjunct Professor
Contact: bbnettles@ufl.edu


Vanessa Niblett
Academic Assistant – BLA and MLA Programs
Contact: vniblett@dcp.ufl.edu

Emeritus faculty

  • Tina Gurucharri
  • Peggy Carr
  • Glenn Acomb
  • Bob Grist
  • Les Linscott
  • Herrick Smith
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