Minor in Landscape Architecture

The objective of a minor in Landscape Architecture is to provide a general overview of the profession. The minor offers an introduction to environmental and cultural issues and to design, planning and management theory and applications. A minor does not qualify a student for practice or for professional licensure.
Students must be accepted into an upper-division college prior to application. Application for the minor should be made as soon as possible after acceptance to assist in charting coursework. To be considered, students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students must maintain a C or higher in all minor coursework. All graduating students who meet the requirements and have been approved for the minor will have the minor officially listed on their transcript.

A minimum of 15 hours is required, with 6 hours of required coursework. The remaining hours should be determined based on the student’s interests and background. Students with design, construction, engineering or other technical backgrounds may participate in design, theory and/or construction studios in addition to lecture courses. Acceptance into studio courses and graduate level courses is with the permission of the instructor and as space is available. Upon application, students will be advised as to what courses are appropriate.

Minor Curriculum

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