2024 Summer Intern Series: Juan Perez

By: Jori Rzepecki
Friday, July 5, 2024

When it comes to internships, versatility is key. For recent University of Florida College of Design, Construction and Planning graduate Juan Perez, each day brings new challenges and opportunities. As a landscape design intern at Sasaki in Boston, he’s immersed in a world where creativity meets technology.

“My day starts with a cup of espresso from Sasaki’s amazing Nespresso machine,” Perez said. “Afterwards, I prepare for meetings and plan my workday. I’ve been heavily involved in graphic, 3D modeling, and physical model production.”

Perez, who this past spring earned his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, has found that the interdisciplinary nature of DCP mirrors Sasaki’s collaborative environment. This similarity has eased his transition into professional interactions across various disciplines. While navigating Sasaki’s internal systems and juggling multiple projects has been challenging, Perez finds reward in the connections he’s making.

“Meeting and having conversations with all the amazing, welcoming people at Sasaki has been incredibly rewarding,” he said.

The internship has offered unique experiences, including milling foam models to emulate stone pavers for a Texas project.

“The design incorporates text that will be debossed into the pavers,” he explained, highlighting the blend of artistry and technical skill. Perez credits DCP for his preparation, particularly in fostering adaptability.

“Like Sasaki, DCP brings together various disciplines under one roof. The organic conversations I had at UF have made professional interactions with different disciplines much smoother,” he said.

As he reflects on his time at UF, Perez emphasizes the value of early involvement in campus organizations. He was active in the student chapter for the American Society of Landscape Architects and founded the UF chapter for the National Association of Minority Landscape Architects.

“I wish I had been more involved with different organizations earlier. There are so many incredible people and groups at DCP,” he advised.

Looking ahead, Perez remains open to various design paths.

“I want to stay in the design world, whether in landscape architecture, architecture, industrial design, fashion, or another field,” he said.

For prospective DCP students, his message is clear: “Attending DCP was one of the best decisions of my life. The people I met were life changing.”

As he continues his journey at Sasaki, Perez embodies the DCP spirit of collaboration and innovation.

“There’s something special about being a Gator that other schools can’t fully capture,” he concluded. “It’s great to be a Florida Gator!”


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