URP Awards Ceremony Goes Digital

Professor Stanley Latimer welcomes DCP students joining the awards ceremony remotely.
Bejleri, Frank and Alakshendra
URP faculty members Ilir Bejleri, Kathryn Frank and Abinhav Alakshendra pose for a photo.

On March 30, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning held their awards ceremony at Leonardo’s 706.

The attendees also were joined by virtual participants, as the awards ceremony was streamed online. This allowed online students to attend the ceremony, reinforcing that, while not physically here, they are still part of the DCP family. 

By using a program called “Zoom,” a student streamed in from Virginia while another student checked in on the proceedings all the way from Shanghai, China.

Everyone enjoyed great food and each other’s company while celebrating the evening’s award winners:

Kanavos Memorial

o   Jie Song (PhD) (Presented by Zhong-Ren)

o   Jarrell Smith (Presented by Abhinav Alakshendra)

Margaret E. Raynal Memorial    

o   Huihui Nan (Presented by Ruth Steiner)

o   Zongni Gu (PhD) (Presented by Ilir Bejliri)

AICP Outstanding Student           

o   Les Brown (Presented by Ruth Steiner)

Ulla Rydberg Memorial 

o   Ryan Misner (Presented by Stanley Latimer)

Carl Feiss Urban and Environmental        

o   Laura Dedenbach (PhD) (Presented by Richard Schneider)

Jim Beeler Service Award             

o   Kyle Dost (Presented by Jocelyn Widmer)

WRS & Mario    

o   Kaysie Salvatore (Presented by Crystal Goodison)

Distinguished Planning Alumnus

o   Jerry Bell (Presented by Kristin Larsen)

Teacher of the Year

o   Paul Zwick (Presented by Jennifer Krouchick)

 Congratulations to all the award winners!

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