Student Profile – Mayrelis Perez

Mayrelis Perez, Historic Preservation

What have you valued most about your time at the College of Design, Construction and Planning?
I have not attended UF for very long but in the time that I have been here, what I have valued the most is that I am able to get an education that is tailored to my specific interests. Since I am a graduate student, there are specific studies I would like to be a part of during my time in the college and everyone I have worked with so far, has been able to guide me in the right direction to give me a focus on what I would really like to learn for my future career.

What class have you enjoyed the most so far at DCP?
The class I have enjoyed the most was DCP 6714: Documentation of the Built Environment. I enjoyed the class because of the diversity of subjects it had. We had students in Landscape Architecture, Construction Management and Historic Preservation with Architecture backgrounds. We were all able to learn new skills like writing Historic American Building Survey (HABS) documentation reports and learning laser scanning softwares and, after taking the scans, we would make them into architectural drawings for the general public. The students with previous writing experience were able to further develop their skills, while the students with graphic skills did the same. At the same time, we all learned new skills like laser scanning and we were all able to collaborate together in order to create a final report that will be used on future research and development in the City of St. Augustine.

What will you take away from your time here at DCP?
I think what I will take away from my time at DCP is my knowledge. I am learning so much as part of the college. I am able to collaborate with students who have completely different educational backgrounds who all bring new ideas to the work that we put out. It is hard to collaborate sometimes, but you learn to do it and completely new skills are obtained in this way. I am also able to learn from professionals who practice in the fields they are in and they work throughout the cities and state so once I graduate I will be able to apply my skills right away and I will have a network of professionals who will guide me even when I leave DCP.

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