Srinivasan Co-Hosts Workshop in New York City

The First International Workshop on Urban Building Energy Sensing, Controls, Big Data Analysis and Visualization (UrbSys ’19) was recently held at Columbia University in New York. This workshop was co-hosted by Rinker School of Construction Management associate professor Ravi Srinivasan.

UrbSys ’19 brought together experts from both U.S. national labs and academia. This workshop captured recent exciting work by research experts, from U.S. universities and U.S. national laboratories, at this nexus that supports sustainable urban systems’ design and engineering through state-of-the-art sensing, controls, modeling and visualization.

Three speakers shared their work, a lightning round of presentations from conference paper authors was held and was followed by two discussion topics.

A major outcome of the workshop is the publication of an upcoming book titled “Urban Building Energy Sensing, Controls, Big Data Analysis and Visualization (UrbSys): Past, Present, and the Future.” This book is in progress and will be edited by Srinivasan, Oak Ridge National Lab’s Mahabir Bhandari and Joshua New, Carol Menassa from the University of Michigan and Mary Ann Piette, Scientific Division Director, Building Technology and Urban Systems Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

“The ACM UrbSys workshop was lively, inspiring and forward thinking, providing a strong introduction to exciting urban science, building modeling, data, sensing and control R&D from researchers around the U.S. and abroad as well as creative brainstorming for future R&D collaboration,” Piette said.

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