School of Architecture: Teaching Gallery

Gainesville enjoys the presence of one of the largest and best architecture schools in the country. The students are renowned for their outstanding work ethic, and exhibited here is evidence of what they offer. The work on the wall is speculative, integrative, inventive, visionary and sustainable.

The four-year undergraduate architecture degree at UF, provides an intimate and multi-modal environment, a dynamic think-tank of creativity, reflection and problem solving. This program has for over 90 years channeled record numbers of critical thinkers and designers into the top architecture schools and practices in the world. The three-year graduate degree is highly ranked, and sustains and energizes critical practice and teaching in the state of Florida and beyond.

The Gallery at DCP is singular on campus as a Teaching Gallery. The School of Architecture has a deeply considered curriculum, both coordinated and experimental. Every term faculty pick work from all levels to exhibit in the gallery as a register of accomplishment, of questions asked and proposals offered.  This End-of-Year Show is used as the forum for planning the next term.

The models and drawings exhibited in this show are a slim extract from a massive body of work produced during the Spring Term, each piece a lens into the intersection of a disciplinary question and an individual student vision. The students publish their own vision of the design culture of the School in an annual journal of student work call Architrave. Copies will be available in the gallery, please take a look.


Interested in the program? Contact Director Jason Alread,


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