Lindsey Takes on Many Leadership Roles at DCP

Student Profile – Jamie Lindsey, Architecture

Jamie Lindsey is a student leader in the School of Architecture, including outstanding work with the graduate student publication VORKURS.

What have you valued most about your time at the College of Design, Construction and Planning?

The Graduate School of Architecture studio courses require students to address not only the ‘what’ of a project, but also the ‘how’ and ‘why.’ There is a real emphasis on process–that slippery, ambiguous part of a project wherein lies the most room for growth– and how to then move abstract information into the tangible realm of the built world. The result is a very comprehensive approach to studying architecture. The architecture faculty at the graduate level encourages us to consider how the design methods we use in academia extend into the profession realm, a valuable reframing of architecture as a practice.

What class have you enjoyed the most so far at DCP?

“Research Methods” taught by Professor Charlie Hailey. This course prompted us to engage in a critical dialogue centered on the question of how to pursue knowledge. Throughout the course, we curated collections, performed creative rituals, built case studies and discussed readings that engaged in a different topic each week. Small group discussions used those readings as a platform on which to build more specific research. In the end, we were left with more questions and curiosities than answers and a new set of ‘methods’ to examine them—the indication of a truly great course.

What will you take away from your time here at DCP?

Each semester, the Graduate School of Architecture has provided me with leadership opportunities including (among others) Graduate Teaching Assistantships, an editorial position with the graduate student publication VORKURS, and a chance to participate in an internship program through Allied Works Architecture. The confidence, knowledge, and curiosity sparked through my opportunities here will certainly fuel my post-graduate pursuits.

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