DCP Faculty Awarded by UF and City of Gainesville

The UF-City of Gainesville Research Awards Showcase was held at Emerson Alumni Hall on Oct. 9 to celebrate the seven winning research projects selected last year. The teams presented their completed work and results at this event.

As part of the University of Florida’s Strategic Development Plan, UF Senior Vice President and COO Charlie Lane announced a call for proposals that utilized the UF campus and greater Gainesville community as a living laboratory to address real-world problems in the local community. This proposal went out February 2017.

Lane’s office received 62 proposals from about 40 departments and centers throughout UF in just over a month. Out of the seven proposals chosen, two were from DCP.

Our college is very proud to have such a big influence on this project. Learn more about the two DCP research projects and their results below.

Ravi Srinivasan, associate professor in the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management, was chosen for Urban Energy Model for Smart City Informatics. You can read Srinivasan’s blog here to learn more about his project.

“This novel physics-based approach to model over 48,000 residential buildings in the City of Gainesville has a single unifying intellectual focus – to enable a deeper understanding of the performance of buildings in the changing climate,” Srinivasan stated. “The larger question that I would like to answer is how to strengthen avenues to tackle climate change and make building more resilient.”

Kathryn Frank, Urban and Regional Planning associate professor, along with her associates, Laura Dedenbach, Kristin Larsen, Tyeshia Redden and Savana Wright, were chosen for Neighborhoods as Community Assets – Preparing for the Future While Protecting Neighborhoods. You can read about this project, enacted in Gainesville’s Porters Community, here.

“The UF-Gainesville Research Awards was the perfect opportunity to show the university and city what the College of Design, Construction and Planning can do to advance our community and the world,” Frank said.

The University of Florida’s Strategic Development Plan seeks to shape the university and surrounding community’s future over the next 40 to 50 years and establish the framework for the “New American City.” Find out more about the plan at www.strategicdevelopment.ufl.edu.

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