Design studio is the core pedagogical modality of the UF School of Architecture program.

Design Studio

Studio is a positive collaborative context enabling the process of architectural design in all its aspects, and fosters speculation, critique, analysis, and most importantly self-directed modes of inquiry and synthetic responses. The SoA emphasizes a strong focus on studio culture through scholarly rigor, expectation for excellence, coordinated support courses, engagement of national and international experts, and appropriate facilities and supplies.

Initiated in the fall of 2008, a highly motivated group of students initiated the Studio Culture Committee (SCC) and in the spring of 2009 established themselves as an official UF student organization. This status provides access to Student Government funds in addition to a base allocation of $500 from the School of Architecture. SCC representatives attend SoA Faculty and Curriculum Committee meetings when appropriate and provide student input into curricular decisions. They developed the following mission statement:

Purpose: The Studio Culture Committee is a student-initiated organization that seeks to promote respect, collaboration, engagement, and innovation among students, faculty, and staff of the UF SoA.

Initiatives: improving safety, sustainability, and studio workstations within our School

Activities: student forums, social function, and educational seminars.



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