2022 SoA Alumni Coming Home Series 4 | Women in Architecture

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2022 SoA Alumni Coming Home Series 4 | Women in Architecture



Meeting ID: 917 2725 6049
Passcode: 8675309


6:15pm EST via ZOOM – Coming Home Series 4 | Storytelling and Panel Discussion
followed by a question and answer session moderated by NOMAS

6:15pm EST via ZOOM – Film Screening: Picture a Scientist (runtime 1h43m)
with open chat followed by discussion to share observations and take-aways

6:15pm EST via ZOOM – Storytelling: Black Box | White Palace | #MeToo
with open chat followed by discussion to share observations and take-aways


Michelle Amt, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP – Bachelor of Design 1993
Director of Sustainability and Inclusion, Associate Principal – VMDO, Charlottesville, VA

Amy Donohue, AIA, LFA, NOMA – Bachelor of Design 1994
Principal – BORA Architecture and Interiors, Portland OR

Fred Gutierrez, RA, LEED AP – Bachelor of Design 1992
Principal – Shepherd, PMC – Group, Boston, MA

Lisa Huang, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP – Bachelor of Design 1993
Principal – Lisa Huang, Architect | Adj. LecturerUF Graduate School of Architecture at CityLab Orlando

Jennifer Logun – Master of Architecture 1996
Adj. Associate ProfessorPratt Institute, New York, NY

Dori Raskin – Bachelor of Design 1993, Master of Architecture 1996
Principal – Dori Raskin Design, New York, NY | Collaborator – Stephenson Roche LLC, New York, NY


28 March: Amixadai Hernández, NOMAS
UF DCP SoA  D6 Third-Year Student, Secretary UF NOMAS

30 March: Sissi Zhang, NOMAS
UF DCP SoA  D6 Third-Year Student, Treasurer UF NOMAS

NOMAS Coordinator
Joseph Dray, NOMAS
UF DCP SoA  D6 Third-Year Student, President UF NOMAS


Judi Shade Monk, RA, NCARB, LEED AP – Bachelor of Design 1999, Master of Architecture 2001
Instructional Assistant Professor – UF School of Architecture

The School of Architecture is proud to announce the fourth edition of the COMING HOME SERIES (CHS4) alumni storytelling and discussion events kicking off on 28 March 2022. This year’s series welcomes six extraordinary alumni back to the school via zoom. CHS4 sets its focus upon Women’s Experience in our industry and academic institutions as a lens to consider how the profession and built environment can better, and more equitably, support and include people of different backgrounds, resources, and abilities.

Presenting alumni are selected from various facets of practice within the architecture, design, construction communities, and beyond. Chosen not only for their accomplishments and talent, but their humanity, our CHS4 alumni are seasoned professionals, each with a very different trajectory and story to share. This year we celebrate graduates from the early- and mid-1990’s, focusing on the personal connections they established with one another while in school. Their experiences span the globe and operate at every conceivable scope and scale. Their humanity, professional ethics, and vision drive them to take risks to implement processes in their own practices that evolve our industry and profession and challenge long-accepted business practices. In keeping with CHS tradition, the overarching theme is a candid and honest query into the professional path and lived experiences of each speaker and the myriad forces impacting their journey during their time at- and following graduation from the University of Florida, School of Architecture.

The Coming Home Series is a celebration of the breadth of professional opportunity available to School of Architecture graduates and the lifelong connections and friendships that are forged in our studios every year. It is also an acknowledgement of the challenges we face professionally and personally. This unique alumni-initiated series started in 2018 and is comprised of events including storytelling, panel discussions, and question and answer sessions. Current students and faculty are offered a lens into the diverse and ever-evolving modes of professional practice that a degree from the University of Florida School of Architecture serves as the foundation for. Students are further afforded the chance to both expand and continue to hone their own professional aspirations while alumni bear witness to the evolution of the program and the strong traditions that they are a part of. Visiting alumni are invited to participate on juries and to offer feedback on the school’s future.

The School of Architecture and College of Design, Construction, and Planning is grateful to the CHS 2022 visiting alumni for their willingness to candidly share their experiences and knowledge. We are humbled by the generous gifts of their time, both to present and to prepare for Coming Home. Special thanks to BORA Architecture and Interiors, Shepherd, PMC – Group, Storyn Studio for Architecture, and VMDO for their generous support and sponsorship.

To our 2022 CHS Presenting Alumni – – — the School of Architecture cannot wait to welcome you home!

For more information about the Coming Home Series, to submit an idea, to be considered for participation in a future event, or to make a donation towards the Coming Home Series of architecture alumni-driven initiatives, please contact faculty coordinator and alumna Judi Shade Monk j.shade.monk@ufl.edu or alumni coordinator Everald Colas everald@storynstudio.com.

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