Villanueva Embraces Diversity That DCP Offers

Student Profile – Daniela Villanueva, Sustainability and the Built Environement

Sustainability and the Built Environment student Daniela Villanueva loves the variety of people and knowledge that are part of our college. With the further realization of Dean Anumba’s goal of OneDCP, students in our college are learning how to work together even though they come from different academic disciplines and backgrounds.

What have you valued most about your time at the College of Design, Construction, and Planning?
Throughout my three years in the College of Design, Construction and Planning, the one thing that I have valued throughout all my classes is the diversity of students, teachers and ideas. I have always appreciated the different ideas and backgrounds of all the different majors in DCP and seen how important it is when coming up with solutions for the future to have different ideas and people working together. From Sustainability in the Built Environment to Interior Design, everyone has a different take on approaching a problem or situation and that is one thing I have come to appreciate greatly.

What class have you enjoyed the most so far at DCP?
The class I have enjoyed the most so far at DCP has been DCP3210: Sustainable Solutions in the Built Environment because it is the one class I have taken that takes different aspects and different perspectives from many classes for Sustainability in the Built Environment and uses them to try to find solutions for some hard problems our world is facing. It also goes in depth on how different countries and different parts of the world are also looking for solutions to some of these hard conflicts and how we can all learn from each other.

What will you take away from your time here at DCP?
After my time here at the University of Florida, one thing I will take from DCP is the importance of understanding how so many of our processes and day-to-day lives affect others and can reach a global scale. Therefore, it is increasingly important for us to learn that there are so many different ways to view problems. And there might not be only one solution. There could be so many different solutions from one person. Every construction management, sustainability, interior design and architecture major has a unique way of viewing the world, and the tools we’ve been given from every different class in DCP can help us solve a situation we can be in.

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