Student Profile – Nathania Martinez

Nathania Martinez, Landscape Architecture

What have you valued most about your time at the College of Design, Construction and Planning?
I value most the cradle of knowledge and experience in which I have rested these past years, the relationships and bonds forged and the unwavering encouragement to pursue grander ideas.

What class have you enjoyed the most so far at DCP?
I have enjoyed our third year BLA Fall Site Design and Planning Studio most. It was known by us as The Beach Studio. Throughout the semester we were reminded to think of the prompt, ‘what makes this beach more beach?’ After several site visits to Treasure Island Beach for observations, notes and to investigate what makes this place like or unlike others at various scales, we were to realize that we could unearth ideas that made Treasure Island Beach more Treasure Island Beach, because there are traces of pasts and visions of futures unique to every site.

What will you take away from your time here at DCP
I will take from DCP the value of collaborative effort. I have learned to not shy away from my lack of understanding and to instead listen and embrace that of others. I believe that in doing so we allow ourselves the ability to make reason for our ideas and intuitions stronger. I have also learned here that there is always more to learn.

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