Student Profile – Jarrell Smith

Jarrell Smith graduated from DCP’s Urban and Regional Planning Program this spring. He has been in the spotlight recently as he was selected for the prestigious Eno Foundation Award and was named the grand prize winner of the Transportation Planning Division Student Paper Competition.

DCP Communications recently spoke with Smith to ask him questions about his experience as a DCP student.

DCP Communications: As a new DCP graduate, what do you value most about your time at the college?

Smith: While studying at the College of Design, Construction and Planning, I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Professor Ruth Steiner on a research project in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The experience allowed me to apply and test the theories that were presented in the class setting while developing various soft skills. In addition, by working alongside FDOT, I had the opportunity to network with several representatives of FDOT.

DCP Communications: What class did you enjoy most during your time at DCP?

Smith: In retrospect, the Transportation Planning and Policy course with Dr. Ruth Steiner was one of the many courses that confirmed my interest in urban and regional planning, with a focus on transportation planning. During the course, several seasoned professionals in the transportation sector presented to the class. This provided great insight into the professional realm of transportation planning and assisted with career development.

DCP Communications: What will you take away from your time here at DCP?

Smith: Studying urban and regional planning for two years at UF has been both challenging and rewarding. I have developed skills in GIS, public speaking, policy writing and research, public outreach, project management and evaluation, and basic design principles. In all, as I further my career in the transportation planning field, the experience at DCP has enabled me to approach transportation planning projects with the necessary technical competence, creativity and pragmatism. Consequently, I am looking forward to strengthening my career in the transportation planning sector.

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