SBE, NROTC graduates ready to make greener impacts on future

Pictured left to right: George Andrew Davis, Jr., David Bailey, Captain Jim Morgan, Adam Campbell and Gerardo Contreras after their commencement ceremony on April 30, 2016.

Four DCP graduates are taking sustainability to the sea – and beyond – as they begin active duty in the United States Navy.

After walking across the stage during April’s commencement ceremony, sustainability and the built environment students Adam Campbell, George Andrew Davis, Jr., Gerardo Contreras and David Bailey, have officially become officers and are ready to make greener impacts on the future.

Sustainability is increasingly recognized as essential. By definition, it is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Bailey will be stationed in Pearl Harbor and has selected a ship that’s part of the Navy’s Great Green Fleet, a group of ships that employ a number of energy and water saving techniques in their operation.

“She’s one of the first vessels in the Navy to operate off a mixture of biofuels and traditional fuels for the Navy,” he said. “It’s a big push and big point of observation for the Navy to see how effective that is.”

Campbell will also be going to Hawaii, but has selected a different ship than Bailey.

“I joined the Navy to see the world,” he said. “And what better way to start than in Hawaii.”

Contreras will be serving his first tour of duty in Japan, and Davis will be going to flight school in Pensacola to pursue his dream of being a Navy pilot.

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