Nawari Takes Part in Florida Simulation Summit

The Third Annual Florida Simulation Summit was held at the Orange County Convention Center on September 7 and DCP Assistant Dean Nawari Nawari was part of a panel discussion at the event.

This meeting, hosted by Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the National Center for Simulation, is held every year to explore the application of modeling and simulation technologies to economic sectors beyond defense.

According to Mayor Jacobs, this year’s Simulation Summit highlighted advancements in virtual and augmented reality within the transportation and automotive industry, the architecture and engineering sectors and the medical robotics and simulation sectors.

“In addition to sharing industry insights on cutting-edge virtual and augmented applications, the goal of the Summit is to raise awareness about the simulation industry’s vast impact on the broader region and economy,” Jacobs stated.

The event featured a morning keynote from Elizabeth Baron, Virtual Reality & Advanced Technology Specialist at Ford Motor Company, and a lunch keynote from Dr. Chris Prevel, Head of Surgery at the VA Medical Center in Orlando’s Medical City.

In addition to those presentations were four panels, one of which included DCP’s Nawari.

“I presented and participated in the panel discussion ‘Architecture, Engineering & Construction,’” Nawari said. “Joining me on the panel were Joe Ales, Senior Principal & Managing Director of Structures Group, Walter P. Moore & Associates, and Bill Bennington, Virtual Construction Manager, PCL Construction Services.”

Nawari’s presence as part of the panel allowed him to trigger an exchange of viewpoints among experts in simulation techniques, tools and applications. The discussion covered a divergence of perspectives about simulation from academia, industry, and government sectors to the general public.

“This conference draws from research and experienced industry leaders to delve into augmented reality, immersive virtual reality systems and simulation in design, engineering, construction and transportation planning as well as in the medical industry and how these advancements have proven to be a catalyst for jobs and capital investment in the state of Florida,” Nawari said. “It was a great opportunity for DCP to be part of the conference.”

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