Larsen Inducted to the American Institute of Certified Planners College of Fellows

Dr. Kristin Larsen, FAICP, Inducted to the American Institute of Certified Planners College of Fellows

Dr. Kristin Larsen, Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, has been awarded one of the highest honors that the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) grants its members through her induction to the AICP College of Fellows (FAICP).

May 28, 2024
By: Jenna Johnston
“I am so honored to be joining the planning greats of our department, who also were my professors when I was a student here: Ernest Bartley and Earl Starnes, and also our most recent FAICP, Chris Silver, under whom I became department chair and school director.”
Dr. Kristin Larsen, FAICP

One of two Florida members inducted to the College of Fellows class of 2024, this honor is bestowed on an elite number of AICP Planners considered leaders in the field. Dr. Larsen is the first female faculty member in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning to achieve this title. Nominated and selected by peers, Fellows are honored for their exceptional contributions to the planning profession, which have resulted in significant and transformative advancements in planning and community development. Throughout their careers, these individuals demonstrate excellence in professional practice, teaching, research, mentoring, and community service.

Throughout her thirty-five-year career, Dr. Larsen has embodied this highest standard of excellence in the planning profession, earning her induction to the Class of 2024.

“Dr. Larsen’s exceptional and sustained leadership in academia, innovation in online planning education, devotion to advocacy, and commitment to the planning field are all testimony that she is – and will continue to be – an exceptional planner worthy of the AICP Fellows honor.”
Kyle Dost, AICP

Her professional career can be defined in five exceptional areas: innovating online education, trailblazing academic leadership, leading affordable housing policy and advocacy, advancing planning history, and uncovering and addressing structural racism. Her resume includes spearheading the nation’s first accredited online degree program in planning; serving on executive committees of various prestigious national organizations such as the Society of American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP); acting as the first local administrator of the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program in the City of Orlando; writing an award-nominated book; and conducting groundbreaking research on the impacts of structural racism on housing and neighborhood planning. Throughout her career, she has established herself as an expert in the fields of historic preservation, social justice, structural racism, and affordable housing, extending her influence through professional practice, teaching, mentorship, research, community service, and leadership. 

Earning the FAICP designation highlights Dr. Larsen’s commitment to excellence and leadership in shaping planning education and the planning profession. Her visionary approach, leadership, and unwavering passion have not only advanced the profession but have also inspired and empowered others.
Dr. Laura Dedenbach, AICP

Dr. Larsen’s impactful contributions to the University of Florida and the broader planning community have solidified her legacy, making her induction into the AICP College of Fellows a fitting recognition of her exceptional achievements and unwavering dedication to the field. To learn more about her extensive career, please read “Dr. Kristin Larsen: Balancing Preservation, Innovation, and Education in Urban Planning at the University of Florida.”

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