Design 8 students design, build Carver Pavilion in White Springs

The Architecture Design 8 Studio, taught by architecture Professor Charlie Hailey, recently completed the Carver Pavilion, a design/build project for the town of White Springs.

Throughout the Spring semester, the studio’s 12 students met with the community and local group Brothers United to discuss the design of the pavilion, which will host musical performances, pageants, outdoor classes and other events. Each year, it will also serve as the centerpiece for the town’s annual Emancipation Day celebration that draws thousands of participants.

The pavilion is adjacent to the now closed Carver School, which is a significant historic site for the African American community. To honor the school’s faculty, the students designed a memorial with teachers’ names placed within the pavilion’s wall that faces the Carver School site.

Breaking ground the week before Spring Break, the students continued to build the project during the rest of the semester. Architecture PhD student Carla Brisotto assisted with studio teaching during the semester. On Wednesday April 29, the community held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the pavilion.

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