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A presentation showcasing several projects among the College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) students, faculty and Indonesian city officials from the City of Pangkalpinang took place in late April after a group from Indonesia, including the Mayor of Pangkalpinang, visited UF for a week.

Not only did Indonesian city officials travel to visit Gainesville, but faculty members from the Institute of Technology in Bandung, Indonesia (ITB), were also present to expand on the project collaborations between UF and ITB.

Attendance at the day-long presentations from UF included: Chris Silver, DCP Dean; Leonardo A. Villalón, UF International Center (UFIC) Dean; Michael Kung, Global Education Director; Jocelyn Widmer, Global Education Program Director and Assistant Scholar; Albertus Wang, Architecture Adjunct Associate Professor; Jerry Murphy, Research Assistant Professor; and Dan Zhu, Post-Doctoral Associate.

First, a group of landscape architecture students presented the “Master plan of Recreation and Education Park Kacang Pedang,” which was a joint design studio project between UF and ITB students and faculty.

The second group presented “People Water and Space in Depok, Indonesia,” a collaboration between UF, University of Indonesia and Cardiff University that focused on the Global Green Infrastructure grant.

The third and fourth presentations were a collaboration between Dean Widjaja Martokusumo and his faculty from ITB, who presented their two projects “Master plan Commercial, Amenities and Urban Walk Sudirman Corridor Pangkilpinang, Indonesia” and “Master plan Teluk Bayur Green CBD Pangkalpinang, Indonesia.”

“This visit by our Indonesian partners is a continuation of the progressive development of collaborative activities that seeks to bring together our unique universities, cities and countries,” Kung said. “These projects have provided our students with study abroad research opportunities that have helped promote international exchange, while helping to improve the city of Pangkalpinang’s master plan by integrating the knowledge of different cultures.”


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