College Leadership Embodies OneDCP

After the success of last year’s inaugural DCP Leadership Summit, leaders from each academic unit’s advisory board converged on Gainesville eager to chart the future of our college.

University of Florida Provost Joe Glover opened this year’s event and thanked the attendees for their dedication to our college. Afterwards, DCP Dean Chimay Anumba officially started the event with his state of the college address.

The leaders from each discipline held a collaborative discussion on ways to best move our college forward for the future.

After lunch, the advisory boards met separately to work on their respective areas.

“The DCP Leadership Summit provided an excellent opportunity for all academic unit advisory boards to get together and discuss plans for retrofitting and adding to our existing facilities,” Anumba stated. “The discussions were very lively and offered very useful and important insights into what we should be aiming for. The participants were also highly enthusiastic about our efforts to promote multi-disciplinary collaboration within the college.”

Thank you to all the DCP alumni and friends who volunteer their time and who serve on these unit advisory boards:

• Dean’s Advancement Task Force
• School of Architecture Advisory Board
• M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management Executive Committee
• Department of Interior Design Advocacy Board
• Department of Landscape Architecture Advisory Council
• Department of Urban and Regional Planning Advisory Council

We are so proud of the collaborative spirit this event brings and can’t wait until next year’s event. We are OneDCP!

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