DCP Ambassadors

As we near the end of the spring semester, the college would like to thank a special group of DCP students, whose dedication and service have been critical to another successful academic year – the DCP Ambassadors Program.

“The DCP Ambassadors are an integral part of showcasing our college and we are proud to have them as part of the DCP team,” said Dean Chimay Anumba. “These students truly love the college and that is reflected in the tremendous job they do as Ambassadors.”

DCP Ambassadors are a select group of students in the college who have demonstrated outstanding academic success and leadership. They represent the college to prospective students and their families, to alumni and to the campus community as a whole. Ambassadors provide knowledgeable and insightful college tours as well as assistance at major college events.

“Our ambassadors program stands out from others on campus simply because we do have so much passion for what we do here,” DCPA President Sara Stevens said. “Earning a degree from this college is such a privilege and we all recognize how much it means to be successful in this college. Our Dean’s Office connects us with so many alumni and provides us with professional experiences that truly change the way we work towards our future.”

This year’s five graduating seniors will receive a cord to wear with their regalia at commencement. Congratulations to:

·         Deven Bhakta

·         Hailey Innocent

·         Melanie Parham

·         Carolina Schultz

·         Armando Urenda

As some of the members prepare for graduation, the DCP Ambassadors Program is welcoming new members as well. The program welcomed 15 new members last month.

Stevens is thrilled with the quality of the new ambassadors. “During the recruitment process, we’re looking for students that are passionate about our college and what it means to be a DCP student, as well as those that show leadership qualities and want to take initiative within our organization,” said Stevens. “All of our new members are easily able to discuss why they love what they do and want to continue to improve our college through the ambassador program.”

New member Mackenzie Corson is most enthusiastic about giving tours to new and prospective students. “I am really excited to be able to show new students what our college is all about.”

“The program is unique because we are able to connect with members of the student body, alumni and faculty in a way that helps everyone involved,” said Treasurer Verity Blevins. “DCPA has impacted my college experience in that I have become closer to people in other majors, and it has allowed me to personally get to know the Dean and other members of our faculty.”

For more information about the DCP Ambassadors program or how to apply, please visit www.dcp.ufl.edu/ambassadors or contact dcpambassadors@gmail.com. 

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