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Works under general supervision of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Coordinator to assist in the development and implementation of transportation planning programs in the Memphis region. Works closely with public transportation providers, local governments, social service agencies, advocacy groups, and local communities to implement public transportation projects funded through federal programs for the general public.

1. Prepares and coordinates Metropolitan Planning Organization functions, long range transportation planning, land use planning, bike ped planning, transit planning, freight planning, travel demand forecasting (TransCAD), GIS analysis (GIS ArcView 10.3).

2. Leads assigned planning team staff on individual planning projects and develops and presents technical information to a wide variety of audiences as related to transportation planning.

3. Collects, analyzes, and interprets social and statistical data for various planning and area studies as related to transportation planning.

4. Prepares maps, charts, models, sketches, and other graphic and visual presentations to illustrate study findings.

5. Attends and conducts MPO planning meetings and responds to public inquiries in person, on the phone, or in writing.

6. Coordinates the implementation of planning projects and manage transportation monitoring databases, i.e. public policy, planning strategies and legislations related to regional planning.

7. Prepares summaries, narrative statements, and analyses of the pertinent technical facts reported in project studies.

8. Performs other related duties as required or directed.

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