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Ensures that FDOT standards, policies, procedures, practices, and design criteria concerning Context Classification (CC) coordination are addressed. Conduct analysis of existing and future characteristics such as land uses, building configuration, and street connectivity to help ensure that roads are designed for the right vehicle speeds, road users, and trip types. Review projects and determine context classifications of State roadways to help guide road design decisions.  Coordinate and engage with stakeholders during visioning, planning, programming, project development, design, operations, and maintenance phases of a project.  Responsibilities related to CC implementation include:  Review of guidance, standards, manuals, policies, and other documents Project reviews and context classification determination Development and ongoing updates of the GIS based database for CC.  Ongoing review and updates of existing land use, future land use and Transportation Plans to consider and balance the needs of all users of Florida’s transportation network.  Manage internal and external communication and collaboration during all the project review phases.  Aid with coordination across programs and with other agencies.  Engage staff and other partners to provide input on the process as appropriate.  Provide periodic updates to staff and other partners on progress as appropriate.  Development and implementation of an outreach program and provide ongoing Education and Training on CC.

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