Shenhao Wang

Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Assistant Professor
ARCH 434

Dr. Shenhao Wang is an AI assistant professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Before coming here, he was a research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Urban Mobility Lab and Human Dynamics Group in Media Lab. He focuses on developing interpretable and ethical deep-learning models to analyze individual decision-making. He synergizes discrete choice models and deep neural networks in travel demand modeling by opening up the “black box” deep learning with economic theory. Currently, he is designing socially-aware urban computing to incorporate unconventional data structures, seeking to generalize computational algorithms for urban studies. Wang completed his interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Computer and Urban Science at MIT in 2020. He received a bachelor’s in Economics from Peking University (2014) and a bachelor’s in architecture and law from Tsinghua University (2011), Master of Science in Transportation, and Master of City Planning from MIT (2017).

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