Linda Stevenson

Historic Preservation
ARCH 140

Linda Stevenson, Ph.D., AIA, has served as a lecturer with the University of Florida’s Historic Preservation Program, since 2012. She is a Florida-licensed architect, with extensive experience in the field of historic preservation.

Linda has taught a variety of graduate-level historic preservation courses, including the History and Theory of Historic Preservation, History of the Built Environment (for historic preservation), Preservation Building Technology, Built Heritage History and Materials Conservation I and II, and Practicum in Historic Preservation (renamed Cultural Resource Survey).

Working with students in the Practicum class and with graduate research assistants, recent projects in the City of Gainesville and the City of Port St. Joe have focused on the research area of inclusive heritage, and include documenting and assessing historic resources in under-represented communities. Other research interests include the role of heritage in well-being, and innovative interpretation of historic sites through participatory multi-media experience.

Linda received her Ph.D. in December 2011 from the UF College of Design, Construction and Planning with a concentration in Historic Preservation. She has a Master of Architecture from the University of South Florida, a Bachelor of Architecture (five-year), and a Bachelor of Arts (Art History), both from the University of Maryland.

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