Erin Cunningham

Department of Interior Design
Assistant Professor
ARCH 344

Ph.D., College of Design Construction & Planning, University of Florida.
M.I.D., University of Manitoba
B.A., University of Victoria

Erin Cunningham’s research examines intersections between social justice and the interior environment. Her scholarship, published in both peer-reviewed articles and invited chapters, can be broken down into three main categories. The first examines the history and preservation of the interior environment. The second examines the development of social welfare priorities in interior design. The third, and newly emerging track, examines issues of health in the lived environment. Across these topics, Erin takes a social historical approach to the study of interiors, emphasizing issues of gender, race, and class.

One of Erin’s principal responsibilities at the University of Florida is to teach the History of Interior Design, which is a two-part required sequence. Since taking responsibility for these courses she has worked to break the strict lecture style of the course, engaging students in multiple formats, including lecture, class discussion, and digital humanities methods. Alongside her history courses, she teaches interior design studio at all levels, from sophomore to senior. These studios have touched on a range of topics, including hospitality, corporate design, and housing.

With a doctoral degree in Design, Construction in Planning, a certificate in historic preservation, a professional master’s degree in interior design, and a Bachelor of Arts, Erin’s educational background is diverse, and interdisciplinary. Prior to joining the Interior Design Department at the University of Florida, she was a faculty member in the Interior Architecture Program at the University of Oregon.


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