Message from the Dean

The University of Florida College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) is pleased to introduce you to the innovative new program, Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe. Our collaborative relationship with Santa Fe College includes the area of construction management as well as DCP’s three professional design disciplines: architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. Unlike our traditional transfer programs, students invited into this program will begin as full-fledged UF students in construction management in the Spring semester of their first year, and as students in DCP design programs beginning in the Summer semester following their first year of courses at Santa Fe. Through this arrangement, participating students will be able to complete their Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, or Bachelor of Science in Construction Management degrees.

Students will have full access to the joint strengths of the Santa Fe and UF faculties to ensure that the educational experience is of the highest caliber. Once admitted to UF, students enrolled in the Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe program will enjoy the full benefits of UF students. These benefits include a wide array of professional engagements with DCP’s vast alumni network, professional enhancement programs offered through the college, team competitions within the construction and design fields, membership in the DCP student associations in architecture, construction management, interior design and landscape architecture, professionally-focused study abroad programs and access to the career development opportunities available for all of our programs.  This includes access to unique course offerings that DCP has developed in the area of sustainability.

We are so enthusiastic about this tremendous new opportunity to work with Santa Fe College to prepare students in the highly rewarding careers available through DCP highly acclaimed design and construction programs. Please be sure to explore the details of the Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe, as well as all of DCP’s offerings, on our web site ( For specific questions about the design programs, please contact Pat De Jong, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, and Jillian Blazas,  Academic Advisor, For specific questions about the construction management program, please contact Sallie Schattner, Admissions Registrar Officer,

Chimay Anumba, Ph.D., D.Sc., P.E.
Dean, UF College of Design. Construction and Planning

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