Ph.D. Program Requirements

While our doctoral program can be customized, program requirements for all Ph.D. students include forming a supervisory committee, developing a plan of study and an annual evaluation.

Supervisory Committee

During the first semester of doctoral work, the Ph.D. program director, graduate coordinator and/or faculty members serve as a temporary committee for new students. This temporary committee guides the student’s initial decisions concerning course selections and potential assignment to teaching and research opportunities at DCP.

By the end of the student’s first year of full-time study, it is recommended that the student replace the temporary committee with a Supervisory Committee of no less than three members to advise him/her on course selections and a dissertation focus. When a dissertation focus has been determined, the student completes the Supervisory Committee for a total of four members. The Supervisory Committee and Chair must be approved by the Ph.D. Program Director and Dean of the college, and appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

The Supervisory Committee Chair must be a member of the Doctoral Research Faculty (DRF) in DCP. Graduate Research Faculty (GRF) from all departments within the college may serve on the committee. One committee member from a department outside DCP must be included. If the student is developing a minor or secondary focus of study, one committee member must represent that study area.

Plan of Study and Course Requirements

Students must develop a plan of study with their temporary committee during their first semester in the Ph.D. program. The plan of study is a written document that remains in the student’s file and is used by the student and Supervisory Committee as a guide for course selections and research or teaching activities.
90 semester credit hours are required for the Ph.D. program. These include:

  • 10 credit hours of core courses
  • 15 credit hours of dissertation work

Please note: All graduate work must be completed at the University of Florida, OR Up to 30 credit hours of a master’s degree program completed at another institution. This transfer of credit must be approved by the Supervisory Committee Chair, Director of the Ph.D. Program and the Dean of the Graduate School. A request is made for the 30 credit hour transfer when the doctoral student is admitted to candidacy.

For more information on Program requirements you can see the Doctoral Studies Handbook.

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