Academic Components

Information and Open House

The GDC@ SF Information Session and Open House during the spring will showcase the facilities available at the College of Design, Construction and Planning. UF advisors will conduct an information session in the morning followed by a facilities tour presented by each program. UF DCP Student Ambassadors will also be available to provide a student perspective on the DCP experience.

Enrollment and Participation

During the first fall term, all student participants are SF students taking SF classes. Contingent on meeting the minimum standards of performance, students are admitted to UF.

  • Participants in the Design Programs will obtain UF status after the second semester.
  • Participants in the Construction Management Program will obtain UF status after the first semester.

Students admitted to the program will attend UF Transfer Preview prior to their term of UF Admission. (See Transfer Preview site for details Here, UF staff from the Dean of Students Office and DCP Student Affairs prepare incoming UF students, including registering for classes, introduction to the UF Honor and Student Conduct Codes, and obtaining a Gator 1 card.

Students who fail to meet the minimum performance standards remain as SF students and are closely guided by a UF advisor. Students continue to be a part of the Gator GDC @ Santa Fe program. If they raise their GPA to above the minimum standards, they will be eligible for UF admission and will participate in UF Transfer Preview prior to admission. Students who meet the minimum performance standards are fully admitted to UF and are able to access UF resources upon payment of full UF fees and tuition. Students are also required to pay SF tuition for SF classes.


GDC@SF participants have UF College of Design, Construction & Planning (DCP) advisors completely dedicated to their needs. They also have access to the advising staff at Santa Fe College. Once students begin taking classes at UF, DCP advisors will play a bigger role in offering academic guidance. They are knowledgeable, highly trained, and serve as an important resource for finding internships and leadership opportunities.


All student participants are admitted to SF to complete the A.A. degree. Most students complete all A.A. degree requirements while in the program.

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