DCP Research Seminar Series: The Rise & Fall of Public-Private Partnerships by Gabriel Castelblanco

Bio: Before joining Rinker, Dr. Gabriel Castelblanco has collaborated with universities in Latin America (Chile and Colombia), Europe (the Netherlands, the UK, and Italy), and an Australian research center (CSIRO – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization). His research focuses on decision support systems, governance, and risk analysis for alternative project deliveries. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of P3s and project finance. He is also an Associate Member of the ASCE and a reviewer for its Journal of Management in Engineering and the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. His experience as a project management practitioner adds value to his academic role in guiding students in combining theoretical principles with real-world experience. He encourages students’ collaborative problem-solving approach in an environment where making mistakes is safe, which empowers them to bring their experiences and prior knowledge to the class.


Before diving deep into PPP infrastructure research, Dr. Castelblanco briefly considered becoming a professional salsa dancer. While they may not have pursued dancing as a career, they’ve certainly brought some impressive moves to the world of public-private partnerships!


In a parallel universe, Dr. Castelblanco is a famous PPP-themed stand-up comedian, cracking jokes about risk allocation and concession periods. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a taste of his humor during the seminar!

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