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Studio Equipment & Building Issues

Interior Design Printer & Plotter Issues

Should you need assistance with a printer or plotter in your interior design studio, first try to contact your studio representative. Should you still need assistance or supplies, please come by room 336 during business hours or email Michelle Matckie after-hours so that she can look into the issue at her earliest convenience or input a service request.  For plotter issues, please report the following information:

  • Studio Room #
  • Plotter UF Decal #
  • Description of what the plotter is or is not doing and any error codes it may be displaying so that the information can be passed along to the technician.

Interior Design Studio or Space Issues

If you need to report an issue with your interior design studio or interior design space, please email Michelle Matckie so that she can look into the issue or put in a work order.  For building issues not related to interior design, but located in our building, please contact the dean’s office, 352-294-1417.

For emergency building issues, please call 352-392-1121.  Facility Maintenance is available 24 hours  day, 7 days a week for calls.