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The University of Florida, Interior Design program has been accredited since 1974 by the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), formerly, FIDER.   Video of Why CIDA Accreditation is important. From CIDA website,

CIDA’s Accreditation Commission meets a minimum of twice a year for the purpose of reviewing programs for accreditation. After reviewing the Program Analysis Report, the Visiting Team Report, and comments from site visitors, the Accreditation Commission makes a final decision regarding accreditation status. Commission decisions regarding accreditation status must be unanimous and require a quorum of five members.
The Accreditation Commission may, at its discretion, elaborate on or clarify evaluative comments in the Visiting Team Report. The final report resulting from the Accreditation Commission’s action is based on the Visiting Team Report and is the Accreditation Report.

Confidentiality and Disclosure
The Program Analysis Report, Visiting Team Report, Accreditation Report, and related correspondence notifying programs seeking accreditation of the accreditation decision are confidential. Documents may be disclosed only with prior approval from the program or in the event the program releases misleading or incomplete information.
Decisions rendered by the Accreditation Commission to award or deny accreditation, and the term of accredited status, are made public. CIDA does not disclose or make public applications on file or a program’s intent to apply for accreditation, except in response to a specific request by the program deemed reasonable and appropriate by the Accreditation Commission.
The official list of accredited programs is available on CIDA’s website at http://accredit- CIDA updates this list following each meeting of the Accreditation Commission (twice a year) and as changes take place. In addition, CIDA provides information regarding the accredited status of interior design programs to selected governmental agencies and professional organizations.
Programs are at liberty to disclose their accredited status to the public. The policy for program disclosure of accredited status follows on page 4 of this Section.






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