Interior Design Is Both An ART And A SCIENCE That Involves The Creation Of Imaginative And Well-Conceived Spaces

What do interior designers do, exactly?

CIDQ: “Interior design encompasses the analysis, planning, design, documentation, and management of interior non-structural/non-seismic construction and alteration projects in compliance with applicable building design and construction, fire, life-safety, and energy codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines for the purpose of obtaining a building permit, as allowed by law. Qualified by means of education, experience, and examination, interior designers have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect consumers and occupants through the design of code-compliant, accessible, and inclusive interior environments that address well-being, while considering the complex physical, mental, and emotional needs of people.”

  • For students who want a first professional degree accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).
  • 120 Credit Hours
  • Expect 4 years to complete the bachelor’s degree
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  • For students Enrolled in the Bachelor of Design program at UF
  • 24 Credit hours of additional work required
    • 12 hours of graduate level coursework in the senior year can be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree.
  • Expect at least one year after completing the Des to complete the Master’s in Interior Design (MID)

Meet with your academic advisor to determine if the combination-degree option is suitable for you. Qualified students can pursue the graduate degree outside the undergraduate major or department. Students normally apply in the junior or senior year. If accepted, students must take the GRE the first semester of their senior year.

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Financial aid may be available for the graduate portion of the program. Undergraduate degree costs should be satisfied with existing financial aid such as Bright Futures and Prepaid Tuition. Bright Futures can cover the undergraduate costs of up to 12 hours of graduate courses that apply to the undergraduate degree. Each student is responsible for the difference in tuition between the undergraduate and graduate course rates. If available, the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program can fund the first 120 hours. Graduate courses that apply toward the undergraduate degree are funded at the undergraduate rate, and the student is responsible for the difference.

Freshman and Sophomore years

Your freshman and sophomore years remain the same, regardless if you are entertaining the notion of applying for the Combination Degree in order to shorten the length of time to reach your graduate degree or not.  You would continue to PIN UP with your classmates in order to obtain a position in our upper division program.

Junior year

During your junior year, you can apply to the Combination Degree program.  If you plan on obtaining a Master of Interior Design degree, and if approved, this option allows you to start taking graduate level courses during your senior year that will be applicable to both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.
In order to qualify you must:

  • Have a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA
  • Have completed all critical-tracking requirements
  • Have a competitive GRE score (this can be taken prior to applying, or at the latest, your first semester of your senior year)

You can apply either during your junior or senior year.

Senior year

You will be required to take the GRE your first semester of your senior year, if you have not yet taken it.  During your final semester, you will formally apply to the Graduate School with all other applicants.  You will have to graduate with your Bachelor Degree prior to starting graduate school, having maintained a minimum 3.2 GPA.

Graduate School

Upon acceptance to the Graduate School, we petition the graduate school to ‘transfer’ the graduate credits to your graduate record (those that have a B or higher).

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