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The University of Florida Department of Interior Design is an award winning, interdisciplinary, nationally recognized, and research based design program. It will challenge and inspire you to be your best, so make a difference by joining us @ UF-ID.



We spend more than 90% of our life inside, which can influence our health and quality of life. To make a difference as an interior designer you use a powerful blend of art and science for the creation of imaginative and well conceived spaces that are safe, functional, aesthetic, and both community and globally responsible.

You bring unique skills and abilities to a diverse field where you can specialize in an endless array of career choices customized to your interests; your career path can flex to meet your changing needs throughout your life. As a UF-ID graduate, you join a group of industry leaders who are showing that the difference is inside.

UF | Interior Design offers you: Bachelor of Interior Design | Master of Interior Design | Doctoral Program

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