The following procedures and criteria are to be used in the evaluation and selection of students who are applying for admission to the Upper Division in the Department of Interior Design.

What is Selective Admissions?

Selective admissions is the process by which we determine if you are ready to take on the more complex studies of our upper division program.  We want all of our students to succeed no matter what they do in life so we use our selective admissions as a process to make sure that your skills are up to par, your grades will allow you to succeed and you will have the best chance possible to excel.

Who is Eligible?

Application to the upper division of University of Florida’s Department of Interior Design is open to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Students must have completed Architectural Design III (ARC 2303) at the University of Florida – or its equivalent
  • Students must have completed prior to the close of Fall Semester while taking IND 2214, all lower division Interior Design and University requirements listed on the curriculum outline located at the end Interior Design Advising packet.
  • Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.8 by the end of Fall Semester prior to PIN UP.
  • Transfer students must make certain that transcripts for all of their transfer course work completed prior to January 1 of the year Pinning Up has been recorded in the Registrar’s Office.

Application Materials –

A current degree audit should be submitted to the department office (336 ARC). Please staple your papers together and make sure that your name and UFID are written legibly on the top page. When you deliver the packet, you will be assigned a numbered space for your exhibit of work.

Selection Process

The Interior Design Department has a limited number of upper division vacancies. The number of applicants always outnumbers the spaces available. Therefore, the UF Department of Interior Design uses a selection process developed to determine which candidates show the most potential for success in this particular interior design program.

Pin up Exhibit –

All applicants must present an exhibition of their best work for evaluation by Interior Design faculty members. The exhibition will take place in the administrative wing of the Architecture Building.
Each student should prepare an organized display of their best work from ARC 1301, ARC 1302 and ARC 2303 as well as IND 2214.  It should include both 2D and 3D work. One or two examples of work from IND 2313 and IND 2460 should be included.  Non-UF design training may be included.  Photos of large scale model projects are acceptable.
Your exhibit must conform to the following specifications:

  • All exhibits are to be installed during the assigned day and time (not to disturb classes in session or office work).
  • Exhibit space will be 7′-9″ high and 4′-0″ wide. All applicants must exhibit within the boundaries of your designated space.
  • Exhibits may not project more than 12″ into the corridor.
  • All materials are to be hung using push pins or T-pins. Absolutely no nails or adhesives.
  • Students must cover or conceal their names on all displayed work.
  • Exhibits must include at least two models (with at least one from D1, D2, or D3) and two rendered perspective drawings
  • Exhibits should show 1 project with entire design: concept/design ideation, process, final design drawings

During installation and removal of work, noise in the corridors is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Transfer students

Transfer students must make reservations by advance appointments. Please call the department office (352-294-1430) to schedule and to verify your application materials have arrived.


The department will notify all applicants of admission status in writing.  Students may pick up their admission status letters in 336 ARCH after a specified day and time.  Students wishing to be notified by mail must provide the department with a stamped self-addressed envelope when they submit their application materials.
Please note that ALL ADMISSIONS are ‘CONDITIONAL’.
Students’ spring semester grades must reflect continuing academic progress.  Receiving a D or lower grade in any spring semester course will result in a review of the student’s admission status.


Occasionally we have applicants for whom the faculty members have questions regarding admission. They will ask that these students schedule an interview with the Department Chair and several faculty members. An email will be sent to students requiring interviews.  All interviews will be held in the Department Office/336 ARCH.  Each interview will take approximately 20 minutes.
Interviewees should bring some of the following:

  • A portfolio of work NOT used in your exhibit. Be prepared to talk about your design process, organization and presentation.
  • Evidence or an overall indication of other educational accomplishments and skills.
  • Any letters of reference from design/architectural firms for whom you have worked.
  • Any other information and design work that you feel is pertinent to your application to the interior design professional program.
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