Dr. Steiner Presents in Indonesia

Dr. Ruth Steiner spent two weeks in Indonesia to deliver a keynote address at an international conference and give invited talks at three universities as part of a USAID initiative.

Dr. Steiner (front center) with students at Tanri Abeng University in Jakarta, Indonesia.

September 3, 2019

Dr. Ruth Steiner traveled to Indonesia on July 19 – 31, 2019, to participate in an ongoing collaboration between the University of Florida and the University of Indonesia (UI). The trip was supported by the Smart City UI as part of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Sustainable Higher Education Research Alliances (SHERA) Centers for Collaborative Research (CCR), which is a project between US and Indonesian universities.

First, Dr. Steiner was a keynote speaker at the 16th International Conference on Quality in Research (QiR) held in in West Padang, Indonesia. The QiR conference is an international platform to discuss the role of the science and technology in the 21st Century with a special focus on human life and sustainable environment.

Dr. Steiner (front row, far left) at the International Conference on Quality in Research, West Padang, Indonesia.

During the trip, Dr. Steiner gave presentations and met with the transportation engineering faculty at three universities in the Jakarta metropolitan area:

At Gunadarma University, she gave a public talk on “Incorporating Risks in Transportation Planning: Planning for Sustainability.”

At Tanri Abeng University, she presented “The Challenges of Coordinating Transportation and Land Use: A Case Study of Florida.” Dr. Steiner also met with a graduate from UF’s Coastal Engineering Program, who is currently at Tanri Abeng University.

Dr. Steiner (center) at Tanri Abeng University.

Last, at the University of Indonesia campus in Depok, she gave the public talk, “Planning for Risk in Transportation Planning in the Face of Climate Change.” One of Dr. Steiner’s former students at UF attended this presentation.

Also while at UI, she led an Academic Writing Short Course.

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