Research Statement

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning conducts innovative research that improves quality of life for all, and to provides planning services to communities. Over the past decade our fundamental commitment to sustainability has broadened our service role to include the communities of other states, nations, and the world. Through its research centers and labs, the department’s faculty and students co-investigate solutions to both persistent and emerging planning issues. Students within the department produce quality research of their own through hands-on engagement and involvement, resulting in publishable theses, research projects, and dissertations.

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Research Centers

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning is home to five research centers, and works closely with other centers in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning.

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Research Opportunities

There are a number of research opportunities within the College of Design, Construction and Planning as well as throughout the University of Florida.

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Student Research

Our master’s- and doctoral-level students produce quality, publishable research in the form of theses, master’s research projects, and dissertations.

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