Shape the PLANet in the nation’s capitol

Lian Plass is a planner working in the Washington D.C-metro area

Lian Plass, UF MURP alumna.

October 12, 2021

Lian Plass is a professional planner working in the Washington, DC metro-area, and was first exposed to planning as an economic development intern for the North Miami Department of Community Planning and Development after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Development from Columbia University.

Lian’s work centers around the idea that the planning field can bridge the gap between optimal and efficient solutions and the solutions that work with the imperfections of humanity. She is currently working for a nonprofit organization where she conducts research, provides technical assistance, and supports outreach projects, and other initiatives aimed at making cities, buildings and communities more prepared for the impacts of climate change.  

Washington D.C., Maria Oswalt via

Her experience at the University of Florida speaks to the quality of education which helped fine-tune her analytical thinking skills. “I think that UF attracts some really fantastic professors and some really fantastic instructors in general that have long-standing roots in planning in general, nationwide, but also in the state of Florida.”

The high quality of education is supplemented by a rich alumni network and numerous opportunities after graduation. “There is not a single place that you can go in the state of Florida where you will not run into a planner with a UF degree. So that connection is incredibly helpful not just from a professional development standpoint but also from a personal standpoint.”

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