Cairo University, PhD in Architecture and Urban Planning, 2002
Texas A&M University, MS Architecture (focus on Housing), 2005
Cairo University, MS Architecture, 1997
Cairo University, BS Architecture, 1992


Environmental and Social Sustainability,
Low Impact Development,
Affordable Housing Policy,
Infill Development,
Anti-displacement strategies,
Equity planning,
Homeless programs


Kamal, A., and Proma, N. (2016). Spatial Modeling for the Assessment of Residential Infill in Texas’ Peri-Urban Communities. ASCE Journal of Urban Planning and Development. October (DOI:
Kamal, A., (2017). Re-naturalizing Urban Campus Case Study: Integrated-design, Placemaking, and Ecology. Proceedings of EAAE/ARCC International Architectural Research Conference: Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges, published by Taylor and Francis Group, presented in 2016, June 15-18, Lisbon, Portugal, pp. 1229-1235, ISBN:978-1-138-02966-8.
Kamal, A. and Suk, J. (2018). Can Environmental Design and Street Light’s Retrofit Affect Crime Trends in San Antonio? ARCC/EAAE International Conference, Philadelphia, PA, pp. 343-351
Kamal, A., (2016). Campus Sustainability Retrofits: A Multi-Criteria Site Selection Model for Low Impact Development. Proceedings of Sustainable Built Environment (SBE 16) Regional Conference, published in G. Habert and A. Schlueter (eds.), Expanding Boundaries: Systems Thinking in the Built Environment, June 13-17, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, pp. 252-257, ISBN: 978-3-7281-3774-6.
Kamal, A., Lombardi, A., Roff, S., & Pollet, B. (2015). Informing Planning Decisions through GIS Documentation of San Antonio’s Historic Colonial Landscape. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computer in Urban Planning and Urban Management, July 7-10, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge: MA.

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