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Virginia Tech, PhD in Civil Engineering, 2018
Beijing Jiaotong University, Master of Valuation, 2015
Beijing Jiaotong University, Bachelor in Construction Management, 2013


URP 4273: Survey of Planning Information Systems
URP 4905: Undergraduate Special Studies
URP 6223: Introduction to Urban Analytics
URP 6270: Introduction to Planning Information Systems
URP 6341: Urban Planning Project/
LAA6656C: Advanced Landscape Architeture Design
URP 7940: Supervised Teaching
URP 7979: Advanced Research
URP 7980: Doctoral Research


Climate Adaptation
Crisis Informatics
Disaster Response
Human Dynamics
Smart Environment
Social Media
Urban Resilience
Urban Analytics


Dr. Wang’s research concerns resilient, smart, and safe cities. She studies the resilience of humans and the built environment to natural hazards and public health crises. She also develops data-driven intelligent system to enable agility in disaster and emergency response, and to detect small-scale crises for urban safety. Her research also engages evidence-based planning for urban resilience and data-informed infrastructure planning for future cities. Dr. Wang’s expertise includes multimodal data analytics (including natural language processing and computer vision), complex network analysis, spatiotemporal analyses, and real-time geo-visualization. Her interdisciplinary projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation (Awards #2028012, #1951816, #1760645), Natural Hazards Center, DCP Research Initiative SEED Grant and Global Fellow Program Seed Grant.


University of Florida Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors (2022)
ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering Honorable Mention Award (2021)
University of Florida Research Promotion Initiative Award (2021)
Excellence in Research Award, College of Design, Construction and Planning (2021)
Great Teaching Certificate, UF Center for Teaching Excellence (2021)
Weather Ready Research Fellowships, Natural Hazard Center (NSF &NOAA) (2021)
Mitigation Matters Award, Natural Hazard Center, 2020
Global Research Fellow, by University of Florida, November 8, 2018
Virginia Tech IGEP BioBuild Fellowship, by Virginia Tech, Aug. 2015 – May 2018


2024-2025 PI: Investigating Neighborhood Mobility Resilience and Aging Vulnerability under Environmental Shocks
Sponsor: National Institute on Aging, Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at the University of Florida
Program: Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) Pilot Study
2023-2026 Co-PI: Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: Information Integrity: A User-centric Intervention
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (Award #2323794)
Program: CNS-Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace
2023-2026 PI: Spatial Explanation and Planning for Resilience of Community-Based Small Businesses to Environmental Shocks
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (Award #2316450)
Program: CMMI-HDBE-Humans, Disasters, and the Built Environment
2022-2023 Faculty: GulfSouth Studio
Sponsor: The National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine
2021-2022 PI: SCC-PG: SmartCurb: Building Smart Urban Curb Environments
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (Award #2124858)
Program: Smart and Connected Communities – Planning Grants
2020-2021 PI: RAPID: Dynamic Interactions between Human and Information in Complex Online Environments Responding to SARS-COV-2.
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (Award #2028012)
Program: CMMI-Humans, Disasters and Built Environment
2020-2021 Co-PI: SCC-PG: Coordinated Safety Management Across Smart Communities
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (Award #1951816)
Program: Smart and Connected Communities – Planning Grants
2018-2019 PI (Sub award): RAPID: Discovering Crises within Crises – Real-Time Detection, Tracking and Visualization of Emergent Crises in Hurricanes.
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (Award #1760645)
Program: CISE-Information & Intelligent Systems
2021-2022 PI: Weather Ready Research Fellowship: Assessing the Impact of Geo-Targeted Warning Messages on Residents Evacuation Decisions Before a Hurricane
Sponsor: Natural Hazards Center (flow from NSF and NOAA)
2021-2021 Key Personnel: Upper Suwannee River Resilience Columbia County and The Town of White Springs
Sponsor: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
2021 PI: Assessing Disaster Impact in Real Time (ADIR): A Data-Driven System Integrating Human, Hazards, and the Built Environment
Sponsor: UF Office of the Provost-Research Promotion Initiative Award
2020-2021 PI: Examining Digital Vulnerability to Flooding Among Subsidized Housing Residents in Florida.
Sponsor: Natural Hazards Center-Mitigation Matters Research Program.

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