Dr. Ruth Steiner Discusses Traffic Congestion On WUSF

In the “Our Changing State” series, Florida Matters explores the evolving transportation challenges in Florida due to its booming population. UF URP professor, Dr. Ruth Steiner discusses the complexities of urban transit and the potential of ride-sharing services.

August 11, 2023

Florida is witnessing a significant transformation in its transportation dynamics due to its population growth. In the “Our Changing State” series, Florida Matters examines how these changes impact residents’ daily commutes and transportation experiences.

During a recent segment on August 8th, WUSF’s Matthew Peddie had an enlightening conversation with Sharon Tagle, a Tampa resident. They discussed the evolving nature of moving around Tampa, especially in the Seminole Heights area.

In the same episode, Dr. Ruth Steiner, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and Director of the Center for Health and the Built Environment, addressed listeners’ concerns. Responding to the mention of traffic congestion and the inadequacy of public transit by a resident, Dr. Steiner shed light on the intricacies of creating an efficient public transportation system. She emphasized the challenges posed by Florida’s current urban density and the importance of ensuring high-frequency transportation for a large portion of the community. Dr. Steiner also noted the potential role of services like Uber and Lyft in enhancing late-night service availability, encouraging more residents to opt for public transit during regular hours.

Dr. Ruth Steiner: I would say there’s another way that Uber and Lyft could be used. First mile and last mile is very important but I would also say late night service — whether we know there’s not enough service to have a large bus and maybe you could serve it with micro transit.

To hear more of Dr. Steiner’s conversation with WUSF, visit their website.

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