Certificates & Concentrations

A number of graduate programs at the University of Florida offer academic enhancements in the form of interdisciplinary concentrations or graduate certificates. An interdisciplinary concentration is a subprogram in a major that is approved by the Graduate Council and may appear on the student transcript. A graduate certificate indicates that the student has taken a required number of courses in a special area, and may be offered by an academic unit along with a graduate degree. Graduate certificates require Graduate Council approval, but are not listed on the student transcript.

Graduate students in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning have the opportunity to obtain interdisciplinary concentrations or graduate certificates in the fields of Geographic Information Systems, Historic Preservation, Latin American Studies, Tropical Conservation and Development, and Wetland Sciences.

More detailed information regarding these opportunities may be obtained from the following links:

Interdisciplinary Certificates & Concentrations:
Interdisciplinary Certificate in Historic Preservation
Interdisciplinary Concentration in Wetland Sciences

Graduate Certificates:
Graduate Certificate in Urban Analytics
Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies
Graduate Certificate in Tropical Conservation and Development

Minor in Real Estate:
Minor in Real Estate

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