Department of Interior Design


Our faculty engage in research on lighting, technology, healthcare, history and material culture that integrate new insights and knowledge into the undergraduate program. We have a robust graduate program that allows us to expand our faculty with many strong graduate students with practice expertise, expertise in lighting, or in allied fields that enrich the program. A strong commitment to research unifies the faculty and informs the teaching of studios and support classes across the curriculum. Faculty easily reference peer-reviewed research in support classes and studios and train students in pre-design research in three upper division studios. Our research orientation enhances the creative process and informs resulting solutions, and it also helps define the identity of our program.

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Engage Design Lab

Our Engage Design Lab works with real clients on and off campus to create solutions. The UF Law School project that we worked on is currently under construction!

Virtual Reality in Design

Imagine walking through a virtual world design that you created. Imagine taking clients through a virtual tour of your designs for them. That is what we are doing now.

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Faculty Research

Our faculty are engaged in research in color, lighting, virtual reality, technology, hospitality, healthcare, history and materials.

Research Areas
Dr. Sheila Bosch
Professor Candy Carmel-Gilfilen
Dr. Erin Cunningham
Professor Jason Meneely
Dr. Nam-Kyu Park
Dr. Margaret Portillo
Dr. Shabboo Valipoor

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Peruse the numerous publications produced by our faculty.

Faculty Publications

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Graduate Research

Our graduate Masters and PhD students have some pretty impressive research under their belts.

Research Areas Thesis & Dissertation Database