Dr. Shabboo Valipoor

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Under Duress: Leveraging Design to Foster Mindfulness in High Stress Emergency Departments

The high levels of stress and mental exhaustion caused by today’s technology-rich work climate has led to a spike in burnout among US workers, especially healthcare professionals due to the demanding nature of their job. To help people function at higher levels, some companies have embraced mindfulness.  Dr. Shabboo Valipoor has received funding from The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Foundation to investigate how might the design of emergency departments, one of the most stressful of all workplaces, support mindfulness to counteract work-related stress. Along with Dr. Sheila Bosch, they are going to develop design guidelines to facilitate mindfulness. Their long-term goal is to enhance healthcare professionals’ wellbeing, re-ignite their professional enthusiasm, and help them be resilient in times of stress.

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