Engage Design Lab

photo of Engage Design Lab signage

“Inclusive. Innovative. Human-centered design.”

Engage Design Lab focuses on studying and creating exciting human-centered environments using mixed methods of research and visualization. Launched and led by the University of Florida’s Interior Design Department, this lab harnesses the resources of the College of Design, Construction and Planning and invites collaboration with other partners from industry and practice to develop high performing, multidisciplinary programs and projects. The success of the EdL can be attributed to its intensive and highly visual cycle of inquiry, design development, implementation, and assessment.

Improving individual lives and communities through design.

Guiding Principles
We aim to support people across the life space with a range of physical and cognitive capacities–including those with special needs (e.g., dementia, autism, ADHD) who could be better served by design.

  • EDL aspires to gain new insights on holistic healthcare environments that better support patients, families, caregivers and staff.
  • EDL aspires to develop discoveries on transformative learning environments that better support students, teachers/faculty, administrators, staff, and visitors.

All research, projects and activities reflect the following principles:
INCLUSIVE: Creating inclusive environments that optimize health and learning for all types of people.
INNOVATIVE: Discovering, testing and creating imaginative solutions using mixed methods, including visualization, to develop valuable solutions.
CULTIVATING CHANGE: Using a human-centered design approach that optimizes individual, community or organizational functioning.
CONSERVATION: Employing sustainable and high-performance design practices to reducing the environmental “footprint” of new and existing spaces and environments.
AWARENESS & ACTION: Raising awareness of the critical role design plays in improving people’s lives through multi-media dissemination.

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