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 We asked them these questions:

“How your education & experience at UF-ID prepared you?”

“What else might be important for prospective students to know?”

hihihi cristianCristian Camargo

A: “My design work is based on translating a client’s identity, culture, and brand characteristics into a sophisticated three-dimensional environment. My education helped me appreciate the constant interaction with a multidisciplinary team in a collaborative environment, and the implementation of artistic ideas to mold spaces that create long lasting memories.”



hihihi dorotaDorota Wood

A: “The Interior Design program at the College of Design, Construction and Planning carefully prepared me for a successful career as an Interior Designer in the Healthcare industry. The comprehensive curriculum helped define my interests and gave me exposure to different areas of design through extensive group projects and relevant coursework. Design is driven by function, assessing human needs and finding optimal solutions, all of which the program focuses on. UF’s emphasis on technology and software also provided me with the technical skills necessary to become a successful and effective member of the FreemanWhite team.”



hihihi jaclynJaclyn Serdi

A: “My education from the interior design program at UF has proven to be a great foundation as a young professional starting out in the design industry. As a current Junior Designer at Hendrick Inc., I am shown all aspects of the design process throughout the life span on a project. The University of Florida has provided me with the basic knowledge that I apply to my job every day and my education is continually growing with the experiences and responsibilities my firm has given me.”



hihihi marcelaMarcela Laverde

A: “I graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Miami as well as a Bachelor in Interior Design from the University of Florida. Why this combination? I am convinced that to truly provide a holistic human to context experience I need to understand the built environment at a large compositional scale, while respecting the forces driving human behavior, perception, and decision making. My ultimate goal as a person and professional is to integrate my passion for social projects with my knowledge of architecture, sustainability, technology and design thinking abilities by working in inter-disciplinary environments were the impact is multiplied.”



 hihihi meghanMeghan Taylor

A: It was extremely beneficial that the program provided exposure to both residential and commercial design; I regularly apply the design and problem solving strategies set forth by the curriculum as a commercial interior designer. In addition to the skill-set I developed in school, the program also instilled a high level of professionalism that has been invaluable in these early years of my career.”



 hihihi natashaNatasha Ellis

A: The track program, small classes, and long hours spent with classmates in studio creates bonds within a class. This same type of relationship building carries over to the real world with networking.  Our industry is built upon networking and the interior design program at UF encourages students to develop, maintain, and nurture relationships. The interior design program at UF focuses heavily on group work; nearly every studio project is designed to promote collaboration between students. This emphasis prepares students for the real collaboration that happens in the workplace not only with co-workers but also with consultants.”



 hihihi xiatongXiatong Han

A: VOA provides a lot of opportunities for recent graduate and young designers, the Beijing office I’m working at for instance, hires recent American graduates from time to time, it’s a great experience if you ever consider the opportunity to work aboard for a while.The advantage of learning more software and tools at school will help prepare your professional career. Don’t worry about implementing your design to the real world when first starting this career, start from arranging materials or designing details of small space, everything you learn will build up eventually.Grab opportunities if you can!”









Charles E. Warren

AIA, LEED AP, Principal at idea│span, Atlanta, GA

Since receiving my education at UF, our profession has evolved exponentially. To be engaged at UF with educators, students aspiring to the profession, and fellow practitioners in furthering our profession’s unique position to positively impact and make a difference in the lives of our clients and the condition of the environment we live in – is a powerful and fulfilling thing – and is key to my personal growth as a design professional.”






Leith A. Oatman

IIDA, Principal at Gresham, Smith & Partners, Jacksonville, FL

I often share that the greatest gift from my parents was the education I received from University of Florida’s interior design program. As a Principal in a multi market design firm, UF’s program prepared me for the many design challenges that my company is tasked to solve. I believe that because the program is within a multi-discipline environment, I have been empowered to understand the full dynamics of the built environment and its affect on the human experience.”






Michael L. Compton

LEED AP BD+C, Healthcare Architect at RS&H, Jacksonville, FL

The value of my educational experiences at UF are what have allowed me to provide a better healthcare spatial/healing experience through evidence based design.”