Lisa is currently developing research that assesses healthcare environmental antecedents that support safer and more efficient clinical workflow patterns. The aim of this research is to provide better insight into how environmental design interventions may work holistically to provide better cognitive and physical support for nursing staff in high-risk healthcare environments. These system engineering frameworks leverage clinical theoretical perspectives that facilitate nurse workflow designers testing targeted processes or physical environment improvement strategies to increase care delivery effectiveness.
Lisa has also developed research on Persuasive Experience design for workplace wellness systems. This work seeks to predict workplace environmental and technological factors that may measurably influence sustainable employee wellness behavior change.

Lisa Sundahl Platt’s research is on using participatory and quantitative analysis techniques derived from Systems Science and Human Factors-Engineering for designing resilient environments. A primary focus of her current research explores the sociotechnical construct of “resilience” and how it may be employed as a research and planning framework for infection prevention in health systems design. The purpose of this work is to explore the potential innovative systems engineering techniques have in facilitating resilient “Prevention through Design” collaborative strategies for infectious pathogen risk reduction in health and long-term care.

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