Center for International Design and Planning

The Center for International Design and Planning is an interdisciplinary research group focused on emerging design and planning trends in an era of internationalization. The center also offers service and outreach assistance to disadvantaged communities in developing regions of the world and is committed to exploring the potential of resilient systems and adaptive design strategies for communities facing development and identity challenges in a rapidly changing world.

The center provides opportunities for interdisciplinary and applied research, including sponsored graduate research, intercultural exchange and study abroad opportunities, and service-learning and extension activities. Continuing to build on a 30-year history at the University of Florida, the center’s mission is to advance knowledge through interdisciplinary project development, research and education through collaborative partnerships on urban design, landscape design, cultural heritage, and community planning and development.

Contact Information
Abhinav Alakshendra, Director
Center for International Design and Planning
P.O. Box 115706
Gainesville, FL 32611-5706
(352) 392-0997

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